we have to speak up for things to change

If you would like to contribute to the suicide prevention effort, there are many things you can do, including speaking up and communicating:

  • Have the courage to talk about suicide and suicide prevention in your workplace and recreational activities.
  • Invite employers and unions to take an interest in mental health and suicide prevention and encourage them to implement concrete measures such as an employee assistance program or a gatekeeper network.
  • Look for signs of distress in your colleagues and do not hesitate to lend an ear and your support (Gatekeeper for Suicide Prevention Training).
  • Encourage people to ask for help and publicize the resources available in your area.
  • Share prevention messages and contact information for help resources, especially on social media, during Suicide Prevention Week or other similar events.
  • Participate in suicide prevention projects, sporting events or initiatives in your area.

“No matter what the uniform,
anyone can need help.”

Gatekeeper for
suicide prevention training

This 7-hour course is designed for individuals who are active in a workplace or recreational environment and who are not suicide intervention professionals but may need to help someone in distress or at risk of suicide. The course helps participants identify signs of distress, connect with a person in distress and direct them to the appropriate resources. Training is provided by suicide prevention centres and local organizations.


Organize a project

Organizing a project for the cause is often an important springboard for individuals who wish to engage their community: walks, shows, sports challenges, and donation drives are all opportunities to raise awareness, encourage people to ask for help, publicize resources and shatter the taboos surrounding suicide.

If you wish to organize this type of activity, it is recommended that you :

  • Contact a specialized suicide prevention organization that can advise you. The AQPS offers this type of support to individuals and groups, as we believe that we all have the capacity to contribute to suicide prevention. Many suicide prevention centres also offer this service.
  • Make sure that your project, concept or content meets the reality and needs of the target community or clientele.
  • Learn about suicide prevention actions. The “Media and Artists” section offers useful information on this subject.
  • Get informed about the most preventive messages to communicate as well as those to avoid so that the activity or project is safe for people impacted by suicide or who may be at risk for suicide.

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